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Food and beverage industry

Probst & Class has supplied equipment to the world-wide food industry for more than 90 years. During this time, we have become familiar with the processing of almost any conceivable natural product or food. Our customers benefit directly from our know-how – whatever product they want to use, we can normally offer the optimum process and machine configuration.

PUC machines in the food and beverage industry

The high quality of PUC machines means that they normally have a service life of several decades. Spare parts and wear parts are also available for very early machines, guaranteeing secure investments and low total cost of ownership.

Key product characteristics of PUC mills at a glance:

  • Highly precise surfaces and concentricity for homogeneous, extremely fine milling
  • High-quality equipment designed to GMP standards
  • Can be fully emptied
  • Very easy cleaning (CIP + SIP)
  • Can be adapted to customers’ wishes
  • Explosionproof version available
  • Modular system allows replacement of milling gear to adapt machine to various production processes

Food and beverage industry products processed using PUC machines (selection)

PUC colloid mills

Colloid mills for use in the food and beverage industry

PUC vibroreactors

Multistage mixers for use in the food and beverage industry

PUC perforated disc mills

Perforated disc mills for use in the food and beverage industry