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Homogenizing machine

The purpose of homogenizing is to produce a mixture which is as homogeneous as possible, i.e. has an extremely even consistency, from phases which are difficult to mix or cannot form a solution.

In the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, homogenizing plays a key role in producing products of constantly high quality. For many products, a defined distribution of the individual ingredients in the mixture is an essential quality characteristic.

In the foodstuffs industry, homogenizing is needed for the mixing of fats and watery substances. The main emphasis in these processes is on taste and the way the product feels in the mouth.

Homogenizing with PUC machines

Rotor-stator units from Probst & Class are suitable for a wide variety of homogenizing applications. Our machines have a long service life and are easy to maintain. Their low TCO can play a key role in improving the productivity of our customers’ plants.

To select the right machine configuration for your application, just contact our technical sales team.

PUC colloid mills

For homogenizing work in all process industries

PUC multi-stage mixers

For homogenizing work in all process industries