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Probst & Class: 90 Years of mechanical engineering for the processing and manufacturing industry

The PUC colloid mill has made Probst & Class world-famous. We now produce a number of other machines that are used in a variety of key industries.


Probst & Class GmbH & Co. KG, owned by the Falk family, was established in 1926 by Hermann Probst and Ewald Class. The abbreviation “PUC” which is well known throughout the world, is derived from the names of the company’s founders. The first PUC colloid mill patented by Probst & Class was introduced in 1933.

We develop and produce rotor/stator systems for the wet micro-comminution, homogenizing, dispersing and de-aeration of flowable and pumpable products. We also supply vacuum de-aeration units and complete lubricant processing units.

Our modular system design gives us high flexibility. We can adapt to your special requirements quickly and competitively.

Company history at a glance

  • 1926 Company foundation
  • 1933 First patent registration
  • 1955 First exhibition appearance at the Achema (world-wide leading trade show for process technology)
  • 1956 Market introduction of our perforated disc mill 
  • 1967 Patent granted for the de-aeration of highly viscous liquids
  • 1972 Market entry into Japan
  • 1976 Patent granted for a colloid mill with conic rotor
  • 1983 Patent grant and market introduction for our Multistage mixer Type A
  • 1991 Establishment of a test lab
  • 1995 Market introduction of the inboard colloid mill
  • 2001 Entry of the follow-up generation of management 
  • 2002 Market entry of Multistage mixer Type B
  • 2006 Our production becomes semi-automated
  • 2006 Extension of our patent for de-aeration with a simplified construction
  • 2017 PUC becomes exclusive distributor for Mountech products in Europe
  • 2019 Transfer of the executive management 
  • 2020 Executive management goes back to owner family