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Dissolving machine

When a solution is produced, in contrast to a colloid, the individual molecules of the ingredients are dispersed. An unsaturated solution is therefore stable.

The energy input required for dissolving is lower than for dispersing. In in-line processes, continuously operated machines such as a colloid mill or vibroreactor may be used, especially if the substances to be dissolved are also to be comminuted in the same stage of the process.

Dissolving with rotor-stator systems from PUC

Probst & Class rotor-stator systems are especially well-suited for the production of solutions as the substances to be dissolved are first effectively comminuted and distributed by turbulent flow through the solvent. Our machines have a long service life and are easy to maintain. Their low TCO can play a key role in improving the productivity of our customers’ plants.

To select the optimum machine configuration for your application, just contact our technical sales team.

PUC colloid mills

For the production of solutions in in-line and batch operation

PUC multi-stage mixers

For the efficient production of solutions in continuous and batch operation