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Dispersing machine

The purpose of dispersing is to produce a mixture of two or more materials (phases) which cannot form a stable chemical compound or dissolve into each other.

In a dispersion, one or more substances (disperse phases) are finely distributed in another continuous material (dispersion medium).

The surface tensions of the materials concerned make it difficult to form a dispersion. In industrial dispersing, the droplets and/or solid materials are processed to form small particles of approximately equal sizes (mono-disperse system) with a view to producing suspensions or emulsions. A suspension is a mixture consisting of a main substance in the liquid state and a secondary substance in the solid state. In the case of an emulsion, both phases are in the liquid state.

Dispersing with machines from PUC

Probst & Class rotor-stator units are outstandingly well suited for the production of dispersions. They have a long service life and are easy to maintain. Their low TCO can play a key role in improving the productivity of our customers’ plants.

Both PUC colloid mills and PUC vibroreactors are ideal for effective dispersion. Our Technical Sales team can provide competent advice on the ideal machine configuration for your process.

PUC multi-stage mixers

For the production of dispersions in in-line and batch operation

PUC colloid mills

For the production of dispersions in in-line and batch operation