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De-aeration machine

In de-aeration, unwanted gases, air or volatile substances are removed under vacuum. This minimizes the negative impact of the gaseous ingredients of a mixture.

In the foodstuffs industry, de-aeration can prevent foodstuffs from being spoilt prematurely by oxidation. De-aeration also reliably removes air inclusions which can result in the incorrect measurement of quantities during packaging or in product malfunctions, e.g. in the case of lubricating greases.

De-aeration with PUC EVA

PUC vacuum de-aeration units are used for the continuous de-aeration and degassing of liquid to pasty products. Probst & Class offers specific distribution systems and unit sizes to meet the requirements of a variety of different processes and capacities.

PUC lubricant processing units are used for the homogenizing and de-aeration of lubricating greases. All the lubricating greases from NLGI 0 to 6 which are normally used can be processed.

PUC vacuum de-aeration units

For de-aerating liquids and pastes

PUC lubricant de-aeration units

For de-aerating lubricating greases