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Wet milling machine

In wet milling, fine fractions are directly incorporated into suspensions. All the materials remain in the system during the process.

Wet milling with rotor-stator systems prevents the potentially hazardous development of explosive dust-air mixtures of the type which may be created during dry milling. Depending on the product, the machine can also complete other process steps such as dispersing in addition to milling, thus saving time and energy.

Wet milling with PUC colloid mills

Thanks to high-precision milling gears, Probst & Class colloid mills produce extremely fine particle sizes and precisely reproducible results. CIP and SIP on the in-line units can be completed without dismantling.

Just describe your requirements to our technical sales team. Team members will select the optimum configuration for your colloid mill.

PUC colloid mills

For wet milling in continuous and batch processes

PUC perforated disc mills

For wet milling in continuous and batch processes