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Pre-comminution machine

Pre-comminution is an important preliminary stage in many processes. Pre-comminution is normally used in the foodstuffs industry in connection with comminution and pre-milling as well as for the pulping of fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood, and also for reworking.

Mixtures with different particle and droplet sizes can be produced using colloid mills and perforated disc mills with different milling gears or perforated discs. These machines can be used both for the coarse pre-comminution of solids and suspensions or for simultaneous micro-comminution and the production of the final mixture consistency.


Pre-comminution with PUC perforated disc mills

Probst & Class perforated disc mills have a long service life and are easy to maintain. Their low TCO can play a key role in improving the productivity of our customers’ plants.

Just describe your requirements to our technical sales team. Team members will select the optimum configuration for your perforated disc mill.

PUC perforated disc mills

For the pre-comminution of solids with a liquid content

PUC multi-stage mixers

For the pre-comminution of solids with a liquid content