Contact for technical advice

For technical advice please contact our sales team at: 

Phone    +49 (0) 72 22 / 90 79 - 0
Fax        +49 (0) 72 22 / 8 12 74


Our service technicians provide remote and local service in all matters related to machinery and plant from Probst & Class. The continuous availability of your machines is just as import- ant to us as it is to you – PUC has stood for quality you can rely on since 1926.


After-Sales-Service with Probst & Class

The reasons for buying machines from Probst & Class not only include their durability but also the ability of our specialists to focus precisely on your needs.
Both these factors continue to apply long after you have invested in the machine. Even after the machine has been delivered, our team is available to solve your problems at any time.

After-sales services that you can count on:

  • Operation, care and maintenance training
  • Modification for other processes
  • Updating and retrofitting
  • Spare parts deliveries and repairs
  • Warranty processing