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Emulsifying machine

In emulsifying, a temporary mixture of two liquids which are actually immiscible is formed. In order to keep an emulsion stable, the discontinuous phase must be divided into droplets that are as fine as possible.

In the cosmetics and foodstuffs industries, we often find mixtures of oils or greases with water. Typical examples include creams, lotions, salad dressings and mayonnaise. In order to produce mixtures like this, a high energy input and special technology are required. High shear forces overcome the surface tension of the liquids being mixed. In this process, the discontinuous phase must be divided into droplets that are as fine as possible.

Rotor-stator systems are ideal for emulsifying as the system creates extremely fine droplets combined with strong turbulence that effectively binds the molecules to the reduced surface area.

Emulsifying with machines from PUC

Probst & Class colloid mills and vibroreactors are ideal for emulsifying as rotor and stator are manufactured with extreme precision allowing very fine setting of the milling gap. This means that the energy input is effectively transformed into mixing energy, producing stable emulsions. These machines have a long service life and are easy to maintain. Their low TCO can play a key role in improving the productivity of our customers’ plants.

Our Technical Sales team can provide competent advice on the ideal machine configuration for your process.

PUC colloid mills

For the production of low to high-viscosity emulsions in in-line and batch operation

PUC multi-stage mixers

For materials which are difficult to emulsify and require pre-comminution