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Mixing machine

Mixing is a basic operation in process technology and one of the oldest technologies. Mixing can also be seen as a general term for a variety of different processes.

Mixtures of defined quality need to be produced as quickly as possible with the lowest possible energy input. Mixing techniques are used in all manufacturing and processing industries.

All the rotor-stator machines offered by Probst & Class are suitable for mixing. The ideal machine for any mixing application depends on the required results of the mixing process.

Mixing with PUC machines

Among the many mixing processes and the wide variety of mixing machines that are available, PUC colloid mills and vibroreactors really come into their own when there is a significant difference between the viscosities of the liquids to be mixed. In such applications, a conventional agitator only moves the liquids without effectively mixing them.

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PUC colloid mills

For mixing in in-line and batch operation

PUC multi-stage mixers

For mixing in in-line and batch operation