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Probst & Class mills have been the state of the art for cosmetic products for 80 years. Using PUC equipment, not only small producers but also major industrial companies produce toothpastes of consistently very high quality.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, products of the type normally handled by the industry can be processed and produced either in batches or in a continuous in-line process using Probst & Class mills and systems.

The colloid mills can generally process all materials which have at least a minimal moisture content. The infinitely adjustable milling gear with easy to clean milling components allows flexible operation at all times. In addition, a wide variety of tooth geometries is available; this means that the mills can be adapted to the specific properties of the substances handled in order to obtain the best possible results. Our perforated disk mills offer an outstanding alternative for coarser raw materials. In combination with a colloid mill, they provide ideal pre-comminution and allow a higher degree of fineness to be reached. With these combinations, final particle sizes of less than 10 micrometres can be achieved. 

Our machinery and systems are available in a number of different variants and sizes allowing throughputs ranging from very low values in laboratory applications to 30,000 l/h or more for industrial-scale processes. A variety of different seals are available to ensure durability. Special drive motors allow a uniquely compact design. If required, versions for use with proprietary standard motors are also available. Certification which is appropriate for the industry ensures compliance with all the relevant standards at all times.

Probst & Class sees itself as a partner and solution provider for SMEs and industry. We are committed to designing and supplying the best possible plant for your specific requirements. We regularly carry out tests with a variety of raw materials. Our product managers take the time to provide you with comprehensive advice on your specific project. If you have any questions concerning the optimum manufacture of your product, you are very welcome to contact me. 

Michael Jung, Engineer

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