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From this year on Mario Bergemann is acting as new sole CEO of Probst & Class GmbH & Co. He succeeds co-owner Jürgen Falk, who will from now on help shape the company’s strategic development as a member of the Board of Directors.

Mario Bergemann

“In search of a new CEO, we zoomed in on the qualities of an internationally experienced all-rounder. We are convinced that we have made the right choice with Mario Bergemann and want to continue on our expansion path with this new management“ says co-owner Jürgen Falk.

Mario Bergemann (54) has many years of experience in industrial automation and process engineering, many of them in leading positions, some of them in positions abroad for several years. He is familiar with the high standards our customers set and knows the sectoral demands of all globally relevant markets. 

Before joining Probst & Class, the graduated industrial engineer was most recently serving as Head of Sales and Marketing at a medium-sized company for four years. The new CEO has ambitious goals: “On the basis of our successful 90-year history, we will continue to expand the company's future-proof long-term business and significantly expand our market position internationally. Together with our customers, partners and, above all, a highly skilled and motivated team, we will succeed in this endeavour“. His motivation for joining Probst & Class:“A typical hidden champion whose full potential can be maximised with common sense and a good understanding for the essential.“