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Bet surface area analysis as a service

We are happy to perform a BET surface area analysis in our lab with your sample. Our analysis service also presents the opportunity to convince yourself of the performance and accuracy of our devices.


The measurement is based on the N2-absorption of porous solids at low temperature. Based on the absorbed volume the specific surface of a sample in m²/g can be established. The measurement is taken following the norm DIN ISO 9277 (volumetric principle).

A few examples for suitable samples and materials: 

  • Catalytic converters  
  • Active carbons
  • Porous solids 
  • Ceramics
  • Powders
  • Metal powders

Requirements for samples you would like to submit: 

  • Minimum amount of material: 5 g 
  • Substance must be granulated

We determine the surface area of your sample via single- and multi-point measurements with N2 30% / He 70%.

Please provide us with as detailed information as possible on the material. If available please send a full spec sheet. If you are looking for a comparative measurement please be so kind as to send us the surface area values from earlier measurements. 

The surface area analysis is performed with Macsorb-BET-Surface-Analysers for which Probst & Class is the exclusive distributor in Europe. 

For a non-binding quote, please provide us with the following pieces of information. 

One file only.
16 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf doc docx.