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BET surface area analyser

Reliable, automatic surface area analysis by the BET method


The Macsorb surface area analysers determine the specific surface area of samples by the BET method. They are controlled from a desktop computer using the software supplied with the unit.

Fully automated handling of samples effectively prevents operator error. The high repeatability of the measurment results confirm the precision of the analyser and allowing users to obtain well-founded data within a short space of time.

  • Fully automatic measurement procedure ensures fast, precise results
  • User-friendly interface
  • Modular design allows later extension of the basic unit
  • Real-time logging and monitoring of measurement results on computer
  • Recording and archiving of data from adsorption to calibration, allowing precise verification of repeatability and precision
  • Single-point BET analysis (multi-point analysis available as an option)
  • The short measurement time of about 30-50 minutes can be further reduced by a pre-heating unit up to 15 minutes


  • Automatic sampler for automated sample feeding with 8, 10, 20 or 30 sample stations
  • Multi-point measurement for a maximum of four points
  • Pre-heating unit for 1 sample with temperature control
  • Pre-heating unit for 5 samples with standard temperature
  • Pre-heating unit for 5 samples with individual temperature control
  • Pre-heating unit for 10 samples with temperature control for two temperatures
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen supply unit
  • Gas switchover unit for multi-point BET analysis

Macsorb is a registered trademark of MOUNTECH Co.,Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Probst & Class act as distribution partner for Europe.

Measurement principle BET method
Specific surface area measurement range 0.01 m²/g bis 4,000 m²/g
Repeatability +- 0.5% (measured with reference powder BCR-173® und BCR-170®)
Adsorbate N2 30% / He 70% (standard), alternatively argon or krypton
Measurement time Approx. 10 minutes/sample (depending on product)
Pre-heating unit 1 integrated (max. temp. 400°C)
Depth 62.0 cm
Width 31.0 cm
Height 57.5 cm
Weight 30 kg
Voltage 100 V / 230 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
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